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Three "Werewolf" Sisters from India : Suffering from Werewolf Syndrome

"Werewolf" Sisters from India

Only one in a billion people are affected by an extremely rare condition termed Hypertrichosis Universalis or better known as Werewolf Syndrome. As fate would have it, 3 of 6 sisters Savita, 23, Monisha, 18, and 16-year-old Savitri Sangli, who live in a small village near Pune, central India, inherited the disorder from their father.

Werewolf Syndrome is a genetic mutation, in which the cells that normally turn off hair growth in unusual areas, like the eyelids and forehead, are left switched on.
Meaning, the girls have had abnormal hair growth on their bodies and even their faces, affecting their eyebrows, nose and giving them appearance of having a beard. They must use special creams every day – otherwise the hair will rapidly regrow.

Dreams of Love. Fears of Loneliness

Despite the detrimental effects of the condition, the siblings still dream of a day when they might get married. However, in their small Indian village of Sangli, unmarried women have few prospects.
“Marriage is not an option for us, it’s not likely to happen, who is going to marry us when hair keeps growing on our faces.”
Life would be difficult anywhere for the three girls, but India in particular, is sensitive to rare and unique health conditions. Unfortunately, it’s laws against discrimination are not enforced here. Which explains why the oldest daughter gets a pink slip 10 to 15 days after she finds a new job. When her hair starts growing, her employers kick her to the curb.

Mother of six, Anita says her three daughters are desperate to find a way to fund laser hair removal surgery to rid the girls of the worry of suffering the condition any further. Surgery costs will exceed £4000 which is approximately $7,000 US per daughter.
“If a good proposal comes in, I’ll get her married. If nothing comes in she’ll have to work and survive. As long as I am living I have to keep trying.”

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