Liu Bolin - Invisible Man in Real Life, Amazing Body Painting Art, Mighty Optical Illusions Bolin is a Chinese artist known for taking photographs of himself, painted in order to blend in with the background. He graduated from the Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Liu Bolin, a young Beijing-based artist, has become known as the “invisible man” due to his ability to use his own body as an art material. The chameleon paints on himself, appearing to blend in with the backdrop.

Liu Bolin, was born in Shandong in 1973, graduated from the Art Department of Shandong Arts Institute with a bachelor degree in 1995, and in the year of 2001, he graduated from the Sculpture department of Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master degree.

Liu Bolin’s main areas in sculpture, photography, painting, etc. when he is a student, he have had many Exhibitions for his own works before the idea of camouflage art.

Until in the year of 2005, Mr Liu decided to do some works to protest against the government, who shut down his art studio.

In 2008, a series works named “hiding in the city” shocked the world. Inspired by how some animals can blend into their environment, Liu Bolin uses camouflage principles to create amazing contemporary art. Bolin said his inspiration came from feeling like a social outcast: People In the community cannot find suitable position, without social relations, and no one care for your fate, in a period of time feel like they are redundant people; they are invisible to the society. Mr Liu says his work is also a protest against the government, who shut down his art studio in 2005.

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