Unusual Coffins And Ghana - Amazing Coffin designs and ideas

The Ga-Adangbe are an ethnic group in the African nation of Ghana. The village is famous for its celebrations Ga and funeral processions. The Ga believe that when someone dies, they move to another life. Therefore, special coffins are often manufactured by highly skilled carpenters. Caskets can be anything desired by the family of the deceased of a pencil to an animal like an elephant. The coffins are generally designed to reflect the essence of the deceased in the way a character trait, a profession, or a symbol of their status in the community.

The safes are designed to represent an aspect of the life of the deceased - as if it were a car driver, a fish if their livelihood was the sea - or a sewing machine for a seamstress. They can also symbolize a vice - like a bottle of beer or a cigarette.

Ablade Glover, an artist who employs carpenters, says the coffin acts as a home in the afterlife, so it's nice. But he laments the use of so much time on the outcome of a case, it becomes hidden underground.

For example, a taxi driver is most likely buried in a coffin-shaped car. These coffins are usually very expensive because of their nature, means that skilled carpenters will take longer than they are compared to traditional coffins.

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