Amazing Collection Of Albino Animals - Photos Of Most Amazing Creations Of The Nature

Nature is a great designer, it always creates something special, like Albino Animals. Scientifically, pigments are the chemicals in our bodies that give us our colors. When a bird or other animal makes no pigments, the condition is called albinism, the animal being called an albino.
Albinism is the lack of melanin pigment in the eyes, skin and hair on living things. The condition is known to affect mammals (including humans), fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians. While the most common term for an organism affected by albinism is "albino
However, personally, I still believe it is an amazing creation of nature. Here is a collection of albino animals, probably one of the cutest galleries yet. Hope you enjoy.
Amazing Albino animal pictures


Albino Squirrel


Albino Deer

Albino Elk

Albino Moose

Albino (White) Billy Goat

Albino (White) Llama

Albino Alpaca

Albino Camel

White Giraffe

Albino (White) Moth

Albino Hedgehog

Albino Cat

White Bengal Tiger

White Lion

Albino Ferret

Albino Bison

Albino Dingo

Albino Koala

Albino Seal

Albino Whale

Albino Fish

Albino Turtle

Albino Frog


Albino Alligator

Albinism in Birds

Albino Mockingbird

Snowy Egret

White Heron

Albino Kookaburra

Albino Owl

Albino Ostrich

Albino Penguin

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