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Amazing Queen Alexandra's birdwing Butterfly

Ornithoptera alexandrae, the Queen Alexandra's birdwing, is the largest butterfly species in the world, with females reaching wingspans slightly in excess of 25 cm to 28 cm (9.8 inches to 11 inches). This birdwing butterfly is restricted to the forests of the Oro Province in eastern Papua New Guinea.

The Queen Alexandra's birdwing is considered endangered by the IUCN, is restricted to approximately 100 km (40 sq mi) of coastal rainforest near Popondetta, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea. It is nonetheless abundant locally and requires old-growth rainforest for its long-term survival. The major threat to this species is habitat destruction for oil palm plantations. However, the eruption of nearby Mount Lamington in the 1950s destroyed a very large area of this species' former habitat and is a key reason for its current rarity.

Female: Female Queen Alexandra's birdwings are larger than males with marked rounder, broader wings. The female can reach and slightly exceed a wingspan of 25 cm to 28 cm (9.8 inches to 11 inches), a body length of 8 cm (3.1 in), and a body mass of up to 12 g (0.42 oz), all enormous measurements for a butterfly. The female has brown wings with white markings arranged as two rows of chevrons. The hindwings are brown with a submarginal line of centered yellow triangles. The body is cream-colored, and a small section of red fur is on the brown thorax.
Male: There is sexual dimorphism in this species. The wings are long with angular apices. They are iridescent bluish-green with a black central band. There is a pronounced sex brand. The underside is green or blue-green with black veins. Males are smaller than females. The abdomen is bright yellow. The wingspan of the males can be approximately 20 cm (8 in), but more usually about 16 cm (6.3 in). A spectacular male form is atavus, which has gold spots on the hindwings.

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