Amazing Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major) : Beautiful & Awesome Flower from Australia

Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major)

Caleana major, the Flying Duck Orchid is a small orchid found in eastern and southern Australia. This terrestrial plant features a remarkable flower, resembling a duck in flight. The flower is an attractant to insects, such as male sawflies which pollinate the flower in a process known as pseudocopulation. In 1986 this orchid was featured on an Australian postage stamp.

Caleana major is encountered as a terrestrial herb, up to 50 cm (20 in) tall. 2-4 flowers grow on the green stem. The single leaf, appears near the base of the stalk. It is usually prostrate, narrow-lanceolate, to 12 cm (5 in) long and 8 mm wide, often spotted. The flower is reddish-brown, 15 to 20 mm long. In rare cases, the flower can be greenish with dark spots. The plant is pollinated by insects. A sensitive strap is attached to the flower, which is triggered by vibration. Flowering occurs from September to January.

Courtesy : Wikipedia

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