Amazing Colorful Snakes - Most Beautiful Snakes of the World

Most Beautiful & Colorful Snakes of the World

Snakes are the deadliest, poisonous creatures of the world but they are also the most beautiful creation of Mother Nature. Snakes as always are fantastic species of our eco system. As like other wild creatures, their existence too is indeed important to maintain nature’s ecological balance.

There are 15 families of snake, 456 genera and there are 2,900 species. The smallest snake, the Thread snake is just 10 cm long and the longest, Python reticulates is 28 ft long. Just a mere thought of snake scare the hell out to many. But with this list of colorful snake you will surely admire them.

Snakes never attack humans willingly else they get violent only when are hurt or troubled without warning. It’s their natural wild character of self-protection that forces any poisonous snake to strike. In fact, as much as we fear snakes, they too fear humans and other bigger species. Deadly Snakebite is always a worst hazardous accident.

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Anonymous said…
a lot of these snakes are not venomous on this list. corn snakes, king snake and green tree pythons are a few shown that are not venomous.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! The simple elegance of them, truly stunning!
Unknown said…
Im afraid of them but those snakes are beautiful